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Great Improvements in Payouts at BetOnline

Monday, October 17, 2011 | 7:50 am

New Parlay Odds at BetOnline


U.S. Payers!

Just in time for the season, to announce several new payout options at BetOnline that both speeds up the process AND raises the limits. And a return of the popular “one free payout per month” but made even better.

The best part?  Checks up to 00 in 7 days or less for (or free—see below). Also checks in 15 days for or within 30 days for .

Bank wires from as low as 0 to up to ,000 in 7 days or less.

For qualified players, ACH payment direct to your bank account.

MoneyBookers and Neteller up to ,000 (and usually in under a day) and for only regardless of amount.

New lower fees across the board on all Western Union and Moneygram payouts. And more to come.

Best of all, a credit against any payout fees once a month, so you can get that 7-days-or-less check for free.

BetOnline could be  the fastest growing sportsbook in the US. Have a great season with us here at BetOnline. Because you can.

P.S. Get Marc Lawrence’s PlayBook 2011 for free: click here for the BetOnline’s digital version of this essential tool for pro and college football handicapping:

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NCAAF Stat Leaders Up to Week 5

Thursday, October 13, 2011 | 2:51 am


1 Case Keenum, HOU 201 140 69.7 2005 14 2 174.4
2 Nick Foles, ARIZ 236 170 72.0 1877 14 2 156.7
3 Geno Smith, WVU 213 138 64.8 1709 12 3 148.0
4 Brandon Weeden, OKST 191 142 74.3 1592 10 6 155.4
5 Matt Barkley, USC 188 133 70.7 1587 14 4 162.0
6 Bryant Moniz, HAW 209 135 64.6 1578 15 1 150.7
7 Tyler Wilson, ARK 172 111 64.5 1517 10 3 154.3
8 J.J. McDermott, SMU 189 109 57.7 1482 8 4 133.3
9 Alex Carder, WMU 185 129 69.7 1466 12 4 153.4
10 Tajh Boyd, CLEM 168 103 61.3 1459 14 2 159.4

1 LaMichael James, ORE 95 852 9.0 90 8
2 Ray Graham, PITT 126 734 5.8 75 8
3 Marcus Lattimore, SCAR 124 677 5.5 36 9
4 David Wilson, VT 107 639 6.0 48 5
5 Trent Richardson, ALA 96 622 6.5 71 10
6 Chris Polk, WASH 116 611 5.3 49 3
7 Ronnie Hillman, SDSU 98 606 6.2 59 8
8 Denard Robinson, MICH 77 603 7.8 53 6
9 Robbie Rouse, FRES 133 600 4.5 34 4
10 Cierre Wood, ND 103 584 5.7 55 5


1 Robert Woods, USC 55 747 13.6 82 6
2 Jordan White, WMU 55 668 12.1 43 5
Keenan Allen, CAL 39 668 17.1 90 4
4 A.J. Jenkins, ILL 40 633 15.8 72 5
5 Kendall Wright, BAY 40 621 15.5 66 7
6 Quinton Patton, LT 36 601 16.7 72 5
7 B.J. Cunningham, MSU 38 582 15.3 55 2
8 Deon Long, UNM 30 568 18.9 69 3
9 Michael Floyd, ND 47 561 11.9 35 3
10 Royce Pollard, HAW 33 550 16.7 53 6

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Get Steven Taylor’s “Smart Money Law”

Friday, October 7, 2011 | 7:55 am



Smart Money Law  and it’s only .95

Steven Taylor:

Don’t be fooled by the super-low price. This is top notch professional information to making consistent profits from sports betting. I have in the past sold this exact same system for as much as 7 via traditional mail order! And it sold extremely well at that price! However, selling over the Internet has seen my advertising costs go down to almost zero. So I can now pass on these savings to you.

Plus, I realized over the years that a high price only deprived the people who needed this system the most. Making money from sports betting for me is both a business and a hobby. I get a great deal of pleasure from helping others enjoy this fantastic venture and profit from it. Dozens of my clients have also become very close friends of mine over the years.

Smart Money Law

It will take you around 15 minutes to read and understand the system and then you can start to make profitable bets within the next 70 seconds – it’s that easy. You should make excellent money from the first day. I’ll give you super fast service by letting you INSTANTLY download the system within the next 60 seconds. This way you can start profiting immediately.

Smart Money Law GET IT NOW!

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Become a Winning Sports Trader!

Monday, October 3, 2011 | 3:54 pm

  … and not a Losing Sports Gambler!

__I think we can assume that it’s the stock market that usually creates more interest and media attention than the bond market. However that shouldn’t mean investors should ignore bonds or any other fixed-income investments, because they are all sound investments. We should also safely assume that to diversify the assets in your portfolio is by all means a smart tactic to minimize risk.

Sports Trading is no different. The fact that  football season is upon us, and the sudden surge of weekend excitement is everywhere, only means that football is another avenue to create and build your Sports Investment portfolio.

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The team at has your best interest in mind by sharing with you insight and intelligence from sources that cover the entire world of sports.They are looking for serious players who want to become profitable winning traders.

This isn’t a sports handicapping service, but rather a Sports Investment firm who want to deal with goal oriented individuals who understand the concept of long term and even six figure profits annually!

If you are willing to treat your Sports Wagering like a growing profitable  business along with the desire to follow disciplined strategies by one of the most influential groups in  Vegas…Then this is for you …

Go Now to:

Check out Eric with his intense energy and insight that will be working for YOU!

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Nike Invited Kevin Durant to Possess a Trip to China in June, 2010

Friday, September 30, 2011 | 11:50 am

Nike these days announced that Kevin Durant will possess a trip to china from June two. The long term star who was just crowned with scoring champion will visit Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai. He will probably be to satisfy Chinese…

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NFL Betting Picks off to a Great Start!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 | 8:04 am

Sports Betting Professor couldn’t be off to a better start in the NFL season.  After last night’s win on the Giants

The Original system is now 6-0 on the progression system and 7-0 overall.

Check out his  NFL Reloaded System!


NFL Betting Picks

For the past year or so I’ve been following a handicapper named Kevin, who releases

his picks to the public for MLB, NHL and most importantly NFL football.

Kevin is one of the sharpest handicappers I’ve come across.  He profited over 40 units
this past hockey season, is on pace for over 40 units this MLB season as well.  In fact
his top picks have gone a crazy 18-4 in the 2011 MLB season.  To put that into perspective
if you are a 0 bettor you would have profited over ,000 from those plays!

Following every one of his Big Plays this past year has netted 0 bettors over ,000 in

He is also off to a great start in the NFL, and with the systems he uses and the work he puts
into his picks I won’t be surprised if he continues that success right on through the entire

NFL season.

Click here to get Kevin’s Big NFL Plays

If you sign up for Kevin’s NFL picks you will get every single pick released for this NFL season
which includes playoffs and any college football picks he releases as well.

Wait until you see the price, this is ridiculous value.


I should also mention that his picks include full write ups explaining why he made each pick, and
he has this week’s NFL picks ready to send you instantly when you sign up…

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Changes within the Game of Golf

Monday, September 19, 2011 | 11:19 pm

Now, golf carts are almost as recognizable as the sport they are utilized for. The golf cart, or golf car as carts are not really self propelled, have been in use on golf courses since at least the early 1950s.…

NCAA Sports Blog

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NCAAF Week 1 Leaders

Friday, September 16, 2011 | 9:15 pm


1 Nick Foles, QB ARIZ 42 34 412 5 0 202.6
2 Brandon Weeden, QB OKST 39 24 388 3 3 155.1
3 Landry Jones, QB OKLA 47 35 375 1 0 148.5
4 Chase Rettig, QB BC 44 24 375 0 1 121.6
5 Nick Lamaison, QB UTEP 38 24 365 3 2 159.4
6 Andrew Manley, QB NMSU 41 22 362 2 1 139.0
7 Robert Griffin III, QB BAY 27 21 359 5 0 250.6
8 Logan Kilgore, QB MTU 45 27 330 2 1 131.8
9 Seth Doege, QB TTU 33 23 326 3 0 182.7
10 Case Keenum, QB HOU 40 30 310 1 0 148.4


1 Malcolm Agnew, RB ORST 33 223 30 3
2 Ray Graham, RB PITT 29 201 75 3
3 Ronnie Hillman, RB SDSU 28 189 27 2
4 Kriss Proctor, QB NAVY 22 176 75 3
5 Vick Ballard, RB MSST 10 166 66 3
6 David Wilson, RB VT 16 162 48 3
7 John White IV, RB UTAH 19 150 25 1
8 Bernard Pierce, RB TEM 20 147 22 3
9 Lyle McCombs, RB CONN 24 141 60 4
10 Anthon Samuel, RB BGSU 22 141 52 1


1 Darrin Moore, WR TTU 12 221 18.4 41 1
2 Kendall Wright, WR BAY 12 189 15.8 36 2
3 Stephen Hill, WR GT 4 181 45.3 82 2
4 Robert Woods, WR USC 17 177 10.4 43 3
5 Chris Givens, WR WAKE 7 170 24.3 60 2
6 Ryan Broyles, WR OKLA 14 158 11.3 50 1
7 Ifeanyi Momah, WR BC 8 157 19.6 38 0
8 Michael Floyd, WR ND 12 154 12.8 26 2
9 Juron Criner, WR ARIZ 6 151 25.2 44 1
10 A.J. Jenkins, WR ILL 11 148 13.5 72 1

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Why 1 Great Golfing Suggestion Can Enhance Your Game

Friday, September 16, 2011 | 6:58 am

To be able to make their game much better, numerous golfers are usually around the lookout for the very best golfing suggestion. It`s essential for individuals who adore the sport of golf to discover as a lot helpful info as…

NCAA Sports Blog

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Say Goodbye to ‘GAMBLING’ in Sports

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 | 6:25 pm

SPORTS INVESTING Says: Goodbye to Gambling

by James Connelly_____Bookmark and Share


      I once asked a girl to come to the races with me, ” You mean the Car races?!” She said with an excited voice. ”No” I replied , “The horse races!” She then let out the subtle “Oh, are you a gambler?” with a discerned look on her face.

My friend’s 90 yr old father who doesn’t  even know me enough, but has seen me get excited over a  few college football games that I had a wager on and based on his ideals, he called me an addict. I said back to him while chuckling a bit “Why are you calling me an addict?” He replied in a rather loud tone,” because your a Gambler!”

I used to have a few Google ads on this site, just to try, and after about a week or so the ads were down because I soon found out that it  was related to “Gambling” they wouldn’t allow the ads on.

Let’s play some word association ( I’ll answer for you)

Vegas:  Gambling

Gambling: Losing

Gamblers:  Degenerates

Bookies: Mafia


Webster’s definition:

Gambling: 1. to play at any game of chance for stakes, 2. to stake or risk money or anything of value, on the outcome of something involving chance, 3. to lose or squander by betting on an uncertain outcome.”

Investing:  To put money to use, by purchase or expenditure, and expecting potential and profitable returns, as interest, income or appreciation of value.

So according to Webster, Gambling is taking a risk with money that involves chance that will be lost or squandered due to an uncertain outcome.

Investing, according to Webster, is to put money to use by purchase that offers a potential and profitable return that is expected to appreciate in value.

Lets add the word “Sports” to this:

Sports Gambling is taking a risk with money that involves Chance that will be lost or squandered due to an uncertain outcome.

Sports Investing is to put money to use by purchasing something that offers a potentially profitable return  that is expected to appreciate in value.

So Webster, either made one bet in his life and lost or he never bet at all. I’m sure he would like to know, what would you rather be doing? Expecting profit or squandering?

So here we are, the World of Sports Investing! Because who would want to be squandering?

After all its not betting anymore, its not gambling,  now we’re trading our dollars. Sports Trading.

Aside from your basic Casino table gambling where the house always has the edge, in Sports you can look for the soft spots on lines based on in depth analysis that can gain the edge back in your favor is a major difference between the two.

When I see these sites who are using this concept as sort of a Sports “E-Trade”  concept, starts to make me see that we are so far away from the guy with the plaid sport coat, with the shades, smoking a cigar.

Bottom line on all sports wagering is  Bankroll management and your ROI%. A growing Sports investment portfolio, not your winning precentage. Rich Allen is still the Sports Betting Professor,and he’s right on the edge with what sports Investing is about.  Along with his service of Rich’s Picks is he  shares with you how his systems work. If you are a part of his monthly service, you will profit, he’s proven that. He’s simply a Sports Trade Broker!

Sheldon Graham who claims he left Wall St. to use his mathematical and Software knowledge in that field and uses it to become a full time Sports trader, and offering his Vegas Nightmare System.

Dan Penner who started IG Sports Picks after leaving his career as a chartered accountant when he realized he can make more with “sports trading” than he can in his job. claims their service is not for gamblers but for those who want to continually create long term  financial growth through the “Sports Investment Market!”

OTL Sports  They approach sports from an investment standpoint only, and strictly adhere to a well established money management system that consistently produces an annual profit greater than the money markets, the DOW Jones, or even real estate.

You have to remember too, that its not just the NFL,NBA,MLB,NHL NCAA, its World Soccer, Horse Racing, Boxing, MMA, Nascar and maybe even Cricket. Wherever there’s an advantage. There’s literally multi-billions exchanging through online Sportsbooks on the net and Vegas, its a wonder how much bigger this will get?

What makes all this exciting is that anyone with a PC can begin to create an  immediate income.  Or even begin to use a Sports Trade “Broker” who can put you on your way to creating long term profit whenever your ready. For those who don’t have the resources and that also includes the time it takes to go through endless trends and statistics, are able to use these Sports Investing Services as a way to begin now!


Check Out the most feared and respected Sports Investor in Vegas:

Billy Walters on 60 Minutes saying he’s gotten “swindled” on Wall St.

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